Tips for using gun at Counter Strike part 3

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Tips for using gun at Counter Strike part 3

Counter Strike is one of the games, in which you can find many different guns. Desert Eagle, shotguns, pistols or R8? Yes, if you will read part 1 and part 2 of this text, you will know how to use it. And today we would like to present more guns of this game.

Sawed – off

It is one of the most unpopular weapons in the game. But sawed – off has and an advantage, for example, very beautiful skins. And if you want to use this guns in a right way, remember to shoot from the close distance and one shotgun charge should be enough.

MAG – 7

If you will decide to use this gun, just remember,  to stand as close as you can to the possible exit of the enemy and listen to the footsteps in your direction. Also, you can throw a light-noise grenade. Turn away – the grenade blinds opponents, so just come out and kill them.


The expert of this game says, that it can be a really nice investment. Of course, before that, you must to be sure, that your opponent is eco. And there are very short  and simple, but useful tips, how to use Nova: just sit behind a cover, shoot bullets one by one and open fire from behind the cover.

MAC – 10

This gun is available only for terrorists and the best strategy which you can choose, is run and kill strategy.

PP – Bizon

If you will decided to use this gun, remember that a strategy is very simple – just pull the trigger and run to the nearest enemy.

MP – 7

When we talk about this counter strike 1.6 , it is important to notice, that it is one of closest to an assault rifle. And the tips of using this gun, are very simple: shoot at medium distances and aim for the head, use 1 – 3 bullets.

Wanna try these guns? You will do it, if you download counter strike 1.6. Download counter strike 1.6 from our website. It is free, safe and quick. Use guns in a right way and enjoy your victory.