Tips for using gun at Counter Strike part 2

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Tips for using gun at Counter Strike part 2

Last time we shared with you a few tips how to use pistols at Counter Strike. But the pistols aren‘t only guns, which you can find in this game. So, today we would like to give you some tips, how to use dual beretėtas, R8, Desert Eagle and shotguns.

Dual Berettas

Many players loves this gun. But if you want use it in a right way, you must to remember these simple things: shoot in motion and use it while hiding; try to take the enemy’s head the target. And if you will decide to keep shooting, you must move the scope lower, so there’s more chance to inflict heavy damage on the enemy.


If you want to have a good result, you must to remember: don’t use R8 in the competitive mode

and try to hit the enemy in the head from the first bullet.

Desert Eagle

What it is important to know about this gun? The first thing is that you must shoot from a distance and stay under cover. When you are using this gun, try to focus to the enemy’s head. Also, you must to remember that a shot from Deagle can kill three opponents in a row with one bullet (if they stand one behind each other). So, shooting with Deagle deals good damage and you can have a really nice result in this game.


If you have really good reaction and hearing, shotguns are nice choice for you. But also, if you want to use shotguns, you must to remember these simple things: hide and wait for the enemy; shoot from the close distance and you will have only one chance: you either kill the enemy, which gives you the opportunity to kill a couple of onlookers.

Do you want to try dual berettas, Desert Eagle, R8 or shotguns at counter strike game? Just download counter strike 1.6 from our website. You can download cs 1.6 from our website for free. It is also safe and fast. So, download counter-strike 1.6 and try these guns in a right way.