Playing Counter Strike: what you need to know about game devices

April 25, 2020 Off By admin

Playing Counter Strike: what you need to know about game devices?

If you are playing Counter Strike and you want to become a Pro one day, you must know lot of important things. Game devices – is not a exception, too. So, today, we would like to say some sentences about game devices: mouse, keyboard, sound and microphone.


Do you know that the sensitivity of the mouse is one of the most important things in this game? So, if you want to set the mouse sensitivity, you must to do simple things:

  • Go to Settings and choose Keyboards
  • Choose Mouse and after that Mouse sensitivity

Many professionals of this game recommended to choose a value between 2 – 4. It is an optimal choice for a stable game like Counter Strike. But the sensivity is not the only parameter. Don‘t forget and mouse acceleration. This parameter is very important for those who need sharper movements in Counter Strike.


It is a very important device, too. The professionals of this game says, that the most important features for the gaming keyboard are: high-quality keyboards give the maximum pressing speed and maximum reliability; additional functions and buttons; macro programming and backlighting.

As we all know, keyboards are structured by two types – mechanical and membrane. But the professionals of this game says, that membrane keyboards are poorly suited to gamers. So, let‘s choose mechanical keyboards and enjoy the game.


The most important thing is that, if you want to have  a high-quality sound in the game, you must have a high – quality headphones. So, if you bought headphones six years ago, it  can be a reason of a low – quality sound in the game.


Of course, you need to make sure that your microphone works properly. And if you want to adjust microphone settings in Counter Strike, you must do a few simply steps:

  1. Go to Control Panel;
  2. Click Sound;
  3. Click the Record tab;
  4. Select a microphone from the device list;
  5. Set Default properties;
  6. Restart the game by checking the device performance.

So, we hope that  these tips about game devices will quarantee a nice experience for you.