How to increase frame rate in Counter Strike

April 23, 2020 Off By admin

How to increase the frame rate in Counter Strike?

Many players of Counter Strike faces with various issues. One of them is a low frame rate. So, many players want to increase the FPS. We must to know that there are two of the main factors that determine the FPS level. They are video card capabilities and correct setup. So, today we want to say some sentences how to increase the frame rate.

If you want to increase the frame rate in Counter Strike, just follow these simply steps:

  • go to Control panel of the video card;
  • go to 3D Options tab2;
  • choose Adjusting image settings with viewing;
  • now you can to set the performance priority and also place the quality indicator to the minimum value in user settings with a focus on;
  • go to Manage 3D Parameters tab. There, by creating substitutions for certain programs, you to replace the global three-dimensional parameters;
  • after in Program settings;
  • and the last step – just click Apply changes.

 But also we must to remember, that for AMD Radeon graphics cards, the sequence is slightly different. So, is you are using AMD Radeon graphics cards, follow these simply steps:

  • select the AMD Catalyst Control Center;
  • go to Parameters;
  • go to Advanced View tab;.
  • switch Games tab;
  • click Add to specify the path to the game folder, changing the settings; after that click Apply and close the application;
  • click AMD (you will see it in the lower right corner) and select the first item in the list;
  • choose 3D-graphics options → Standard settings and High performance;
  • select Turn off in Tessellation and after that select Performance in Catalyst A.I .: Texture filtering quality.

And also don’t forget to restart the PC after applying all these changes.

So,  now you know how to increase the frame rate in Counter Strike. Just do it.