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pistols counter strike game

Do you know everything about the pistols in Counter Strike? Let‘s see the guide

There are many different guns in Counter – Strike. One of the group are the pistols. And if you want to be succesful at this game, you must to know everything about the pistols in Counter – Strike. So, let‘s see the guide.

Glock 18

Glock 18 is one of the basic pistol, which you can get for free. It is a very accurate gun. But also you must to know that it needs three taps to the helmeted head for a kill. This is why mode of use for Glock is “spam the head”. Glock 18 has the burst fire mode also. You can activated it with a right click.

USP – S and P2000

These guns are basically the same for practical purposes. Only different is that P2000 has more ammo and is slightly more accurate.

Dual Berretas

Dual Berretas are a modest upgrade of basic pistols. The different is that Dual Berretas have a combined mag size of 30 bullets. They have a high rate of fire, also.


This gun is different from basic pistols by many reasons. Firstly, it has higher armor penetration (65%). It is less accurate too. And it has much bigger recoil, also. For this reasons, P250 is more suitable for targeting the body.

Five – Seven

When we talk about this gun, the most important thing is that, Five – Seven is a more powerful version of P250. For example, armor penetration even higher, above 90%. It is a really strong universal weapon, which you can use for precision shots and for spamming.

Tec – 9

The most important thing is that gun can kill in one shot to the head from up close. The armor penetration is really high (91%). Many players think that Tec – 9 is similar to Five – Seven. But the different is that the first shot is very accurate, but the next ones go all over the place.


It is automatic pistol. It has a high armor penetration (77%); a small magazine and very little ammo in rezerve, also. Professionals typically use this gun in eco rounds.

Desert Eagle

Professionals says, that this gun is a king of the pistols. The first shot of this gun is very accurate. Desert Eagle deals twice the damage of other pistols. This gun is very popular among the professionals. One more important fact – Desert Eagle has the highest armor penetration (93%), matched only by the revolver.

R8 Revolver

This gun has some fantastic characteristics. Unfortunately, nobody uses it for one reason – unlike any other weapon, it doesn’t fire right away when clicked and the response time is 0.4s. So, this weapon can be popular, only if it will be more quicker.