What you need to know about a communication in Counter Strike? Part 1

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What you need to know about a communication in Counter Strike? Part 1

A communication is very important thing in differents part of life. Gaming – is an exeption too. So, when we talk about Counter Strike, it is important to say, that you must know many details about the communication of this game. So, we have a few tip for you.  

Firstly, it is important to say that the communication is an essential skill in this game. The communication is used for different aims: informing teammates abuot the actions; coordinating tactics and methods; enchancing a teamplay.

What equipments is needed for good communication? A microphone is not the only thing, which you will need – don‘t forget and an external voice communication software, for example, Skype or TeamSpeak.

Of course, if you want to have a good result in this game, you must to remember that the most important element of your communication is a information, which you will say for the team members.

Don‘t forget use a command to adjust the volume of your teams microphone output. It is very  useful in clutch situations by lowering the volume of their microphones. And they still be able to attain information through the game’s audio cues. If you want to use this command, open up the console, key under Esc, type “voice_scale #” and a number between 0 to 1.

So, use these tips for your communication in this game and you will have a really good result. And if you still are looking where to download counter strike 1.6, remember that you can download CS 1.6 from our website. Download counter strike 1.6 from our website is free, quick and safe. So, enjoy the game.

This is not all the tips, which we would like to share with you. So, follow the news and know more about communication of Counter Strike.