Most popular maps counter strike

March 26, 2020 Off By admin


Let‘s know more about the most popular maps of Counter Strike

Hi, fans of Counter Strike! Do you remember, when we promised you to present the most popular maps of Counter Strike? So, today you have an amazing opportunity to know more about the most popular maps.

  • Italy ( cs_italy )

We all know, that in Italy we can see beautiful towns; many narrow and romantic streets, a big open market space also. And the good new is that we can find it in Counter Strike too.

  • Office ( cs_office )

Office can be a boring place for those, who don’t love they work But when we talk about Counter Strike, we can see, that office can be a very dangerous places. The reason is that terrorists took hostages in a modern office building, so you will have a battle in nice rooms and spacious corridors.

  • Inferno ( de_inferno )

If you love aesthetics, authenticity and classics, you must go to Inferno. There you will find an Italian town with a lot of lovely details and architectural monuments. Do you know, what about this place says senior players? They say that it is the most beautiful place. So, go there if you want to see beauty and harmony.

  • Rail depot ( de_train )

Playing in a rail depot can be an exciting experience, because it is huge open space. So, it will be really extreme. In the other hand, it is not to difficult convenient obstacles. So, if you will be a smart, you will safe.

  • Militia ( cs_millitia )

American countryside will show you of huge trees, open space and  old technics. It can be a little bit unmodern and scaring, but you will have unforgettable adventures.

As you, can see, the maps of Counter Strike are very different: you will find classic town and modern building; romantic space and scare zone.

So, which maps you will visit firstly? Whatever it may be, we wish you a nice time.