how to downloads counter strike 1.6 and upgrade your skills

June 2, 2020 Off By admin

What skills you need for playing Counter Strike?

We all know that Counter Strike is a very popular game in all over the world. But also we must to say, that this is one of that games, which requires a different types of skills. So, what skills do you need if, you want to play this game successfully? 

You must be a good teammate

Counter Strike is one of that game, where you will became a part of team. So, you must be a good teammate. But what is it? The experts of this game said, that a good teammate is selfless, crappy, humble, sincere, innovative, hard worker and has a hight expectations. So, are you ready to be one of them?


This is one of the most important skills in this game, also. Remember: if you will have a good aim in this game, your reaction time will be better. And you will shot the target more easier, also.

A good game sense

You will need a good game sense, also. If you will have it, you will know, when you can rotate to help your teammate in different zones of the map. But of course, it is easy to say, but it can be difficult to do. So, many players of this game, especially the beginners, has a question: how to practise a game sense? And there is an answer: you need to watch a lot of demos, and take a look.

Know guns of this game as your fingertips

Maybe you are not interested of guns in real life, but it is necessary when we talk about Counter Strike. In this game, you can find many various guns, but all of them, you must know as your fingertips.

So, as you can see, you will need different skills in this game: you must be a good teammate; you must  have a good; you must have a good  game sense and you must know guns of this game as your fingertips, also.

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