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About Counter-strike 1.6 games : Cs 1.6 has been started at 1999 years , 1.1 version. Now is 2016 years , and this game is best online shooter games.
Counter Strike 1.6 Not requires your computer very large resource.
Counter – Strike can now download and enjoy unrealistic gameplay, and excellent graphics. To run CS 1.6 game you will need a minimum computer.

Cs 1.6 requires:

CPU  1200 MHz
512 MB RAM
128 MB MB graphics card
750 MB hdd drive
Mouse and keyboard
Internet 512Kbps.

Installation of our counter-strike 1.6 download file is fully ready , it will be stored and downloaded
to your computer, you can immediately start delving into cs 1.6 games with other people playing all over the world!
Cs 1.6 brings together most of the
national team during the game they are in contact, laughing, and shows that others pay to play !!

In Counter-strike 1.6 download File , you get:

With our Counter-Strike 1.6 Download file you receive as well as a full set of maps is well known, they have been used since version 1.1. Cs 1.6 maps consists of the following known to all: de_dust2_2x2 de_dust de_dust2 de_inferno de_nuke de_prodigy cs_italy cs_militia cs_assault
cs_siege cs_max awp_india awp_city awp_map_pro awp_dust
aim_map aim_headshot aim_crazyjump fy_simpsons fy_pool_day fy_snow .

What you should know about these CS or otherwise known Counter-Strike 1.6 maps the game?

de (abbreviated from coal. defusion – decontamination (of the bomb)) – almost mainly mapping begins that way.
This type of maps terrorists to help C-4 and protect it from inactivation before the bomb explodes (or, as in all the maps,
shoot down opponents) to win the round. If a bomb explodes, it helped the player gets 3 points. To win a round,
antiterorist to defuse a bomb (or kill opponents).
Bomb inactivate a player gets 3 points. The most popular of this type of maps:

cs_ – another common type of maps. There are anti-terrorists usually release the hostages, but the terrorists
must not allow it. Although there are exceptions – maps that are not hostages, eg., Cs_deagle5. The most popular of this type of maps:

AWP – mapping type, which is played with the AWP weapon. Popular Maps:

In other words Counter-Strike 1.6 players enjoy an abundance maps, and really find what they most precedes heart!

Our counter-strike download link will also find fully prepared sound pack, no need to look for on the Internet and sent from the CS 1.6 with additional tools!

Friends No one expects you to be happy to invite you to dive into a fun, and the whole world united the game-person shooter Counter-Strike 1.6 – download, enjoy and have fun with the whole world!

From the counter-strike very beginning, the world was developed CS 1.1, CS 1.5, CS 1.6 tournament, which has been shared more than 100 000 US dollars. ! So, some of CS player is not only the game but also the means of livelihood!

cs 1.6 download if you are using Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Win 8.1, Win 10

There is a version of this game available for download cs 1.6 V42
CS 1.6 V44
Cs 1.6 v48

Apie Counter-Strike 1.6 žaidimai: CS 1.6 buvo pradėtas 1999 metais, 1,1 versija. Dabar yra 2016 metų, ir šis žaidimas yra Geriausia internetinė šaudyklė žaidimai.
Counter Strike 1.6 Ne, reikia jūsų kompiuterio labai daug išteklių.
Counter – Strike, dabar gali atsisiųsti ir mėgautis nerealu gameplay ir puiki grafika. Norėdami paleisti CS 1.6 žaidimą, jums reikės minimalų kompiuterį.

Cs 1.6, reikia:

CPU 1200 MHz,
512 MB RAM
128 MB MB vaizdo plokštė
750 MB HDD diskas
Pelės ir klaviatūros
Interneto 512 kbps.



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