Important words at Counter Strike part 1

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Important words at Counter Strike

Important words at Counter Strike: a dictionary for your success (part 1)

You can’t enjoy a Counter Strike and you won’t be successful at this game, if you won’t know what is the meaning of this words. So, let’s know about it.

  • ADR – average damage per round.
  • ADS – aiming Down Sights. It means looking through the scope of a weapon.
  • AFK – away from keyboard (when a player doesn’t move because he moved away from his PC for a while).
  • Callouts – locations on a map.
  • Camping – staying in the same spot for a long time and waiting for a opponent that you can kill.
  • Collateral – killing two or more opponents with one bullet.
  • Crabwalking – moving while crouching.
  • Crossfire – positioning between two or more teammates which makes sure that opponents who enter the area will be attacked from multiple angles.
  • Dak dak – another name for the autosnipers,
  • Frag – kill
  • HP – Health points – it’s the amount of health a player has left.
  • Krieg – other name for the SG 553.
  • MM – matchmaking, the system used to create matches.
  • Molly – other name for the molotov.
  • One deag – a one shot headshot kill with the Desert Eagle.
  • OT – overtime.
  • Pick – opening kill on an opponent.
  • PUG – pick-up game.
  • Rushing – playing very aggressive and quick
  • Scout – other word for the SSG 08 sniper rifle.
  • Scrim – a practice match of competitive between two teams.
  • Spamming – shooting through an object.
  • Strat – strategy
  • Stacking – sending more players to an area of the map than you normally would.
  • Split – a site attack from multiple ingress points.
  • Tk – teamkill (killing a teammate).

Of course, it’s not all important words at this game. So, visit us next time and you will know more important words for your success.